Our Approach

Dr. Mackowiak’s holistic, science-based approach is reliable and results-driven. Optimize your health, fight illness, customize your supplements, and prevent chronic disease. Read below to learn more about how Cherry Blossom Natural Wellness works you through four phases of care to give you optimal health.

The 4 Phases of Care

phase 1: Initial Consultation & Discovery

Your first appointment with Dr. Mackowiak will focus on discovery and will begin to outline your personalized care plan. For this appointment, you will spend 1-1.5 hours directly with Dr. Mack at one of her four office locations. She will focus on gathering a detailed history as well as speaking with you about your chief concerns. Appropriate labs will be discussed and ordered for your next visit. We prefer an in-person meeting for this phase, but a telehealth meeting is also an option.

phase 2: Advanced Blood Work Testing

When it comes to blood work and testing, we use a science-based approach to see what is often missed by conventional doctors. We then use the results to explain, educate, and help you better understand why certain symptoms exist and make recommendations of steps you can take to improve their health.


Dr. Mack’s interpretation of lab results differs from the interpretation you will get from a conventional doctor’s office. The normal values reported on lab tests are based on the averages of people. The people used to create the averages are not necessarily healthy people. The normal values we use are based on optimal body function (physiology) which means we often identify anemia, thyroid imbalances, dehydration, and other health imbalances that will be missed when interpreted by an allopathic doctor (MD/DO).


Every single patient has their own unique set of needs and that is why there are no cookie-cutter plans. Each Care Plan is thoughtfully executed and tailored to that individual. We typically recommend a 4 to 6-month initial program of care, in which some patients are seen weekly for a few weeks and others may be seen monthly.  Your frequency of visits really depends on your needs and where you are starting from. Your initial care plan includes changing your lifestyle, nutrition, mindset, and supplements. We provide all the guidance you need including supplements, nutritional plans, and more to target your specific needs to promote healing and restore your body’s natural balance.


Health and wellness is a lifelong journey. Your Initial program of care is just the beginning. We encourage checking in with our doctors to protect your gains and promote health and wellness from within. After your initial care plan, we typically see patients 2 to 3 times per year. The goal is to make sure you continue your healthy lifestyle.

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The Difference

Holistic, Science-based approach

Unlike traditional medical approaches, our methods and in-depth analysis look deeper into your health to establish what is happening, why it is happening, how it is happening, and how we can help you fix it.

We Promote Health

All too often traditional doctors are focused on naming or treating disease or symptoms, but spend little if any time explaining to patients what they can do to take back control of their lives. We provide more than treatment. We are about lasting life health.

We Take the Time For You

We will spend significantly more time with you than a conventional doctor in order to address the whole body. Initial appointments last 1-1.5 hours, while follow-up appointments are 30 minutes with Dr. Mackowiak.

Real-life Patient Results

We have a proven method that has helped our patients get well and stay well. By staying up-to-date with current research and the most advanced natural approaches available, we are continually expanding our knowledge to better serve you.

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Our Partners

When it comes to your health and our strategy to maintain that health, it is important to work with trusted partners for prescribed supplements, vitamins, and more. That is why we have carefully selected partners that offer you the best products at the best price. Click on the following links to connect with our health partners.